Zachary & Maya

Maya loves her little brother! I absolutely love this moment that Adrian captured the other night. What an adorable moment between these two.

Maya loves her brother

On another note, how cool is it that Zachary is able to sit up and enjoy being in his Bebepod? It will be even more fun when he has better control of that head of his, but for now he seems to really enjoy it. He doesn’t like laying down in the bouncy chair all the time and really likes being able to sit up in this little seat and look around at the world. It is so cool to see his mind at work processing his surroundings.

2 thoughts on “Zachary & Maya

  1. So, does your doxie love to kiss the baby as much as mine does? When I come home from work and let Liam out, he also runs to kiss Jude first…even if it means jumping into the back seat of the car before I can get the car seat out. Such a cute picture. The bonds are already forming.

    1. Yes! My doxie has always been a licker… and that does not exclude the baby. 🙂 She loves to lick the baby so much. Sometimes I have to tell her to stop because after a while it starts to annoy him!

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