More photos & things Zachary loves

Here are some more pictures I took of little Zachary on Valentine’s Day. He sure is a cute little Valentine!

In this picture, he was not so sure about doing a photo session. He was more interested in holding his little toy, which was a gift from his Gram Z. He likes feeling the different fabrics on his face and hearing the bell inside the toy ring.
Are we done taking photos yet?

Okay, okay, maybe a photo shoot isn’t so bad after all!! I love his smile in this picture.
Happy Zachary

Of course, we had a spit up incident and I had to change his outfit. Since it was nearly bed time, I moved him to his crib for some more shots. I love this smiley photo. Oh, the gorgeous pillow behind him with his name on it was a gift from my friend Rachael. You can get your own here!
Smiley Zachary!

Zachary absolutely LOVES this blue puppy!! His Aunt Amy brought it to him as one of his very first gifts at the hospital, and he became interested in it just a few weeks ago. He loves hearing it play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” The puppy has a tie on the top of its head so I can tie it to his crib and he loves to bat it around and play with it before he goes to sleep. It is really cute and I think it comforts him to have it near him. I’m sure that when he’s older, he will cuddle with it all the time instead of just having it tied on the bars of the crib.
Zachary & his blue puppy

In the background of this picture, you can see a little owl shaped lovey blankie which was given to him by Aunt Tam. It is so soft and adorable and Zachary loves looking it it. When it’s time to go to bed, I rub the owl on his cheeks so he can feel how soft it is, and he just loves that. He loves to hold on to it and cuddle with it when it’s time to go to sleep.
Zachary & his owl lovey

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