My happy little two-month old!

I just took these two pictures while I was playing with Zachary and his toys on his little chair. I love his adorable little half-laugh. He is smiling soooo much lately and just starting to show the beginnings of laughter. It is so cute!!

Happy boy!

Here is another one. He is such a beautiful little baby.

Beautiful baby

The other day we went to the pediatrician for Zachary’s 2 month appointment. He took his vaccines like a pro (Mommy on the other hand had to leave the room…LOL), and he is now up to 14lb 12oz and is 24 inches tall! Zachary is a very healthy little boy and the doctor is very impressed with the fact that he is now sleeping through the night (about 9 hours or so – yay)!

1 thought on “My happy little two-month old!

  1. aw, he is getting cuter and cuter! i don’t know who he resembles, though. to be honest, i don’t see you or adrian in him yet. maybe when he gets to be a little older. what do you think?

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