Home sweet home!

It feels so good to be home. We got home yesterday afternoon. Zach did awesome in the car and slept the entire ride home. He woke up when we got home and we had fun walking around the house with him and showing him his new living space. He has been a very good baby since getting home. He usually just cries if he needs something but he also really really loves being snuggled and will ask for snuggling often. 🙂 Once we download the pictures from him going home, I will post some.

Maya is still at my parents’ house and has not met the baby yet. I am still in A LOT of pain from the c-section and am waiting a few days to have her back because the last thing I need is her to jump on me right now. It sucks not having her around because I can’t wait for her to meet Zachary, but this is definitely best for now.

Tomorrow we bring Zach to his first appointment at the pediatrician’s. I will go back to my doctor for a checkup next week.

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving. It will be Zachary’s first outing and will be a great time to take photos with family members. We are also having his Bris (ceremonial Jewish circumcision) this weekend. It will be nice to see all of our family & friends.

More photos to come!

1 thought on “Home sweet home!

  1. Let me know how the bris goes. I’m not sure I’ll do the traditional ceremony because I’m not sure I’ll have the chutzpah to watch them circumsize my own son! I’m a big wuss. I’ve even helped circ people before, but never my own kid (obviously).

    According to your countdown you still have one day to go before you give birth 😉

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