4D Ultrasound Photos!

This morning, I went to the doctor for my 28 week appointment and glucose test, both which went great. A little later on, Adrian and I had our 4D Ultrasound!

It was way too much fun to see our baby move around, laugh, smile, and sleep. We could even see him drink amniotic fluid and we also saw the four chambers of his heart and his chest rising and falling with each breath. His heartbeat was strong and healthy. We were given a DVD with the video of the ultrasound as well as a number of photos.

Adrian already saved the contents of the DVD to his computer and took some screen shots of some of our favorite expressions. Here they are!

This one, where he is sleeping, is my favorite. I think he looks SO cute in this picture, I can just imagine how he will look when he comes out! Notice his little hand curled up at his head… he kept doing that throughout the entire ultrasound. Wonder if he will be like that after he is born, too.
Cute baby!

Here is another cute sleeping baby photo. What a cutie!!
Sleeping baby!

In this picture, he is smiling! He smiled a LOT throughout the whole ultrasound, after he woke up. 🙂 The ultrasound tech actually said she had never seen a baby smile so much during the ultrasound, and he must know that his parents are photographers because he was really hamming it up!
Smiling baby!

So those are our baby photos!

It looks like we may also get to meet the baby a bit sooner than anticipated – I got the tech to do measurements before we left because I was very curious. Based on her measurements, the estimated weight is 4lb, 2oz (give or take), and I am measuring at 32 weeks! That’s a full month ahead of schedule. Guess the baby is taking after Adrian’s side of the family and will be tall (unlike me).

The ultrasound tech did say that the very first ultrasound is still the most accurate regardless of what the machine says, so don’t go by the machine’s “guess-timate” as the last word. So who knows, maybe he will come earlier. I have no problem with that, as long as he is healthy and ready when the time comes. We can’t wait to meet him!!!

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  1. Karen,

    This is amazing! I love the smiles. I can tell you are going to be a wonderful mommy- there was so much love in your writing. I actually teared up. What a blessing you have been given! Congratulations again.


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