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Ultrasound Pictures!

As I posted last week, Adrian and I are going to be having a little boy!

We finally had a chance to scan the ultrasound photos, so here they are!

This first one is Baby Z’s profile. It’s not a typical profile shot, because he was moving around SO much (maybe we have an athlete-to-be!), but you can clearly make out his head at the top, his spinal column, and even see arms and legs. So neat! I am pretty amazed every day that this little human being is growing inside me. This ultrasound was so different from the first one we saw at about eight weeks. I remember feeling that it felt so much more real to see the tiny tadpole-like figure on the ultrasound screen… now, seeing the outline of what looks like a real baby feels absolutely incredible!!

Ultrasound - Profile photo

This second photo is the baby’s heart and heartbeat. The ultrasound tech measured his heartbeat at 150bpm – which is perfect for a baby boy!

Ultrasound - Heartbeat

Adrian and I have a pretty exciting week ahead of us. Today at 7am we are flying out to Boston to see my cousin Danny get married to his fiancÊe Liza. I am so happy for them and can’t wait to see my first cousin get married! Tuesday is my birthday, which we’ll spend in Boston as well, having dinner in Cambridge at the Cambridge Brewing Company with a bunch of my friends!

The next day, we’ll take the train down to New York City and stay with Lissa & Brij (Adrian’s sister and brother-in-law). I haven’t been to New York since I was a child, so it will be really fun. I’m looking forward to seeing the planetarium, visiting ground zero, and of course seeing some friends. It will also be great to spend more time with Lissa & Brij, too! Of course all of the cameras are coming along for this trip. I’m hoping to do some street shooting in NYC and have an opportunity to be 100% creative!

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