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What is experiential photography? According to photographer Jesh de Rox (yes, that IS his real name), it’s all about “creating meaningful work that is personally fulfilling to you and highly valued by your clients.” His three-day workshop includes themes of personal discovery, style, and highly connective client relationships.

If you’ve ever seen Jesh speak, you know what an incredible person he is. He is full of boundless talent, raw emotion, and childlike dreaminess. I’ve been able to experience bits and pieces of who he is through small seminars at various photography conventions I’ve attended, but I am looking forward to three days of exploration with Jesh this coming June when I attend his workshop in Florida.

Along with Jesh, I’ll also be learning from my incredible friend Lena Hyde, who not only has amazing talent when photographing children and families, but is also a very accomplished businesswoman. I’ve known her for a short time, and since we met she has already taught me so much and inspired me to work harder on several aspects of my business.

I am really looking forward to sharing three days with Jesh, Lena, and thirteen other photographers on this adventure.

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  1. Hello!

    I found your blog as I was researching Jesh de Rox workshops! I noticed this post from a few years ago, and wondered if you would be willing to share your experience with me? I’m debating on whether or not to attend this workshop.

    Thanks so much!


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