100 Pins in 100 Days

My Pinterest account has become a valuable tool for me. I use it not only for bookmarking random things that are interesting to me, but also for organizing recipes I want to cook, crafts that look fun, new photography ideas to try, and things I’d like to do with the kids… among other things!

Some Facebook friends and I have taken on a challenge to complete 100 Pins in 100 Days. My start date was October 8th, 2012 and my end date is January 16th, 2013. I’ll be updating this page as I go along. 🙂

  1. Paper Pumpkin – Zachary and I made this little pumpkin decoration together.
  2. Bounce dryer sheets to clean baseboards – never would have thought of this on my own!
  3. Greek Pasta – this one is delicious. I’ve made it two or three times this month already. I use an entire 9oz bag of spinach and less pasta so that it really fills you up!
  4. Sesame Beef – I’ve made this one before and decided to try it again. Unfortunately I got a batch of bad beef from the grocery store. What a huge #fail 🙁
  5. Honey & Cinnamon cold remedy. Not sure if this really works, but at least it’s yummy!
  6. Dawn & Vinegar cleaning solution. This really made it easy to clean my bathroom and kitchen. The faucets looked great!
  7. Avocado on corn tortillas. Yum personified.
  8. OMG Chicken. It truly is OMG good!
  9. Chicken a la King. Didn’t follow this recipe exactly (or really at all, lol). I did use a progresso recipe starter in the crockpot though, which was mainly the inspiration here.
  10. Command hook bib holder. So convenient!
  11. Baby pressure points – not sure if it worked, but the baby liked the foot massage!
  12. Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup – something warm and yummy for a cold day!
  13. Easy Chili – this is the second time I’ve made this and it is incredibly easy and incredibly delicious! even my husband, who isn’t a big chili fan, loved it!
  14. Quick Kale Soup – it really was very quick and easy to make. I added bacon, because I like bacon 🙂
  15. Creamy Kale & Mushroom Quesadillas – this was sooooo good. would totally make this again soon.
  16. Kale & Goat Cheese Omelet – awesome flavor combo. I really liked the slight crunchiness. this is extremely filling.
  17. Kale Breakfast Sandwich – I did my own variation on this and left out the bacon and added lowfat Kraft American Cheese. Seriously amazing.
  18. Southwestern Quinoa Salad – adapted based on what I had on-hand, added avocado. So GOOD.
  19. Banana Banana Bread – this was very good, but it absolutely didn’t need 50-60 minutes of cooking time. Maybe 30 minutes. Mine was a little overcooked, but still awesome.

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